We work with clients from around the globe

Our clients have one thing in common: they require information that is not readily available, and they want the matter handled professionally and discretely.

We work with clients with high demands

Our most important commitment is to always make the client the number one priority in our work. Our aim is not just to satisfy, but to exceed our clients’ expectations.

As a leading intelligence and security services provider, we are used to serve individual clients as well, in fact 40% of our clients are individuals that need help with different issues - from close protection to advanced investigations. Our clients have one thing in common - they require professional first class service and quality that only we can deliver. When you contact ISRA you will get a personal contact person/ coordinator who will help make sure that you get everything you need, from start to the end.

Client References

We understand if prospective clients wish to review testimonials before contracting our services (in fact – we encourage their professional prudence!), and we are happy to forward references that concern cases that have gone to court or in other ways reached public attention. However, our first concern is always the integrity of our clients and this means that for some of our services we can only provide anonymous testimonials. Make contact and discuss your particular needs!

Hiring a private investigator will give you a piece of mind

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International assignements

Wherever you are and
wherever you are planning to go.

Some problems don’t stop at the national borders. People, funds or goods may have left the country, and
backgrounds or businesses might be Impossible to check without real boots on the ground. With international
offices in Abu Dhabi, Nicosia, London, Berlin and Tel Aviv, ISRA has outstanding resources to deal with complex
cases where there is an international dimension. Stockholm or Ecuador – our staff is at hand wherever you need it!

Confidentiality from your first contact

Our clients have one thing in common: they require information that is not readily available, and they want the matter handled professionally and discretely. Whether you reach out by phone or mail, it stays with us. And should you wish to be anonymous for the duration of your call, this is up to you. If certain conditions are met we also accept assignments from anonymous clients.

Agreements of nondisclosure

For your safety, all our services are regulated by agreements of confidentiality and nondisclosure. For a sample agreement, please check here. Should you wish to discuss or find out more about our terms, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Earning your trust

Integrity is at the core of our corporate values, and there is nothing we value more than the trust of our clients. This is why confidentiality applies from your first contact and further services are regulated by agreements of nondisclosure. In short, working with us is a good way to make sure that your business stays your business.

Who gets to know?

No one. We do not share your information with any authorities or third parties, unless you say so.

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