We help businesses and individuals make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork

To achieve this, we tailor our services to fit the particular information needs of our clients. In practice, our assignments might involve deep background checks, surveillance, tracking of goods or people, IT-forensics, due-diligence services, risk-analysis, investigations of fraud or corporate counterintelligence. Some of our assignments relate to pending court cases or civil case suits, where we help our clients gather the evidence needed to support their claims in court. Other assignments have no legal ramifications, but pertain to the field of corporate competitive intelligence – i.e. they concern questions of strategic importance to our clients’ businesses. A final category of assignments is entirely private in nature, and concerns investigations of infidelity.

  • Who we are Handpicked team with gathered skills that makes the difference.
  • What we do We do a lot. Surveillance and intelligence gathering is just part of what we do.
  • What makes us unique Unique methods, unique technology and unique contact network.
  • Clients Our clients have high demands that require quality work and results.
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