Safety Tips and Travel Practices: Safeguard The Holiday Season

Safety Tips and Travel Practices: Safeguard The Holiday Season Safety Tips and Travel Practices: Safeguard The Holiday Season
Safety Tips and Travel Practices: Safeguard The Holiday Season

Well, the holidays are here and with this season comes the busiest travel season of the year. There is a lot of traffic on the roads, the airports are crowded, and lines on the waiting counters are always up to a notch. After all, 97.4 million people were expected to drive in the holiday season (as of 2017).

Not only this; travelling during the holiday season comes with a lot more hassle and inconvenience as well.

According to Hopper’s Holiday Travel Index 2018, 61% of people start booking their flights since Nov’1, Thanksgiving for holiday season. Once you are on the move, there is a chance that you and your home abode are prone to burglaries and thefts. CNN says- December is the peak month for burglaries as travelers leave home unattended at that time. So, there are certain safety hazards and risks that you should take into consideration before you plan your trip.

Whether you are headed to your grandmother’s town for the holidays or are looking to spend time with your family on an island, here are the tips and tricks that will let you travel, while keeping everything safe and secure.
Study the Destination Carefully
Did you know that the most popular travel spots are prone to thefts and crimes?
As you begin to book your travel arrangements, research the destination beforehand properly. The research should include identifying the risk areas, emergency numbers, local places, and a travel agent that will assist you during the trip.
Check the criminal and theft rate of the area, and take proper precautions to safeguard you and your family. Moreover, you can check the areas with political unrest or the parts where tourists are made a target.
At last, try consulting someone who has already visited your intended destination. Once you know the practices to perform and avoid, you will have a stress free time exploring the city.
Stay Calm and Composed
Whether your flight is delayed, you have lost your luggage, or you are on the verge of missing your flight, make sure that you don’t panic. The criminals are best at recognizing these situations and take it to their advantage to take away your passports, valuables, and more. Moreover, doing so will make you lose focus, keep you distracted, and compromise all the defense mechanisms.
If you are planning to travel during the holiday season, avoid travelling on the busiest days, arrive at the airport before time, and try flying during the off hours. This will make you stay away from the crowds and give you a hassle-free travel experience.
Do Not Use Public Networks or Wi-Fi
We all are tempted to use Free Wi-Fi, but doing so puts your personal data and information at risk. The WiFi networks in public places like airports, cafes, and more are not secure and are always prone to cyber breach and cyber attacks.
So, make sure you don’t rely on Wi-fi connections and have your own data packs on your mobile device. Working with your own plan gives you increased data security and does not give access of your data to others.
Moreover, when it comes to the phones, consider purchasing a burner phone. The burner (emergency) phones are a life saver if there is an emergency or the primary mobile device gets stolen.
Don’t Post Everything On Social Media
Who does not wants to share their vacation pictures online with their friends and family? But to save yourself from thefts, burglaries, and more, avoid posting the pictures until you come back home.
If you reveal the locations, travel details or itineraries online, there is a chance that thieves will take advantage of your empty home. Moreover, keep your travel and accommodation details to yourself. Be vigilant and stay aware of all the people around you. At last, beware of the scams.
The Final Words
We all wait for holiday travels and vacations throughout the year. But before you fly away, have a proper plan, prepare for the trip, and be calm during the entire trip. Ensuring these tips, while you are travelling will save from the basic travel glitches.
So, are you planning to travel this holiday season? Contact ISRA Intelligence to learn more about security advisory and protection services.

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