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There are Over 1,000 Cyber Attacks Per Hour Hitting the UK Today

There are over 1,000 cyber attacks every hour in the UK today. 40% of these are aimed and government and financial organisations and 1 in 5 of British citizens have had one of their accounts hacked. The extent of cyber crime has gone further than individual hackings. Small and large companies across the country are being hacked every day and the numbers are growing.

Technology is Opening New Doors to Force Mobile Security

Technology is the cause and the cure for mobile device attacks. This said, a number of technology companies have been cracking down to secure people’s mobile devices. These are at higher risk than ever due to wifi, bluetooth, instant messaging and the option to store sensitive data on them. Now, there is the possibility to act quickly or in advance of an attack so it is important to understand all the details.

We are Recruiting A New Security Analyst for our Berlin Office

At ISRA, we take our security very seriously. Our clients, both individuals and companies, come to us with extremely sensitive information therefore, it is crucial that we conduct our cases with the upmost discretion and security. We are looking to hire a security analyst wizz for our Berlin office in Germany who can stay up-to- date with our ever changing industry.

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