ISRA investigates the links and activities of your target company, performs on- and offshore investigations and provides comprehensive financial profile and analysis reports. In a global economy, business relationships are ever more complex, which increases the difficulty of obtaining accurate and relevant intelligence. The public information on companies is frequently unsatisfying, hard to obtain or outdated. ISRA’s professional investigators help businesses clarify issues about hidden liabilities, undisclosed share structures and questionable business practices.



What does a business check include?

The content of a business check or due diligence service vary, depending on your particular needs. Common areas of inquiry are hidden assets tracing, financial investigations and background checks. But due diligence might also include investigations of theft, skip-tracing to find missing persons and infidelity investigations. The investigative methodologies involved in a business check depend on the particular area of investigation, but forensic accounting and digital forensics, open source intelligence and surveillance are commonly applied.


Comprehensive due-diligence reports

Once all intelligence is analysed individually, ISRA provides comprehensive reports that allow for deep insights into your target company. Our reports provide the birds-eye view and detail that our clients need to make decisions based on verifiable fact.


Knowledge is advantage – and sometimes a legal requirement

Particular insights signify competitive advantage and help you mitigate risks in your business relations. In many countries, companies are also required by law to investigate clients and other contacts and to perform reviews throughout their business relationships.


Why a business check with ISRA?

ISRA has the global reach and local insight that could make the difference in your decision-making. We also have a very broad competence in the field of investigative work, which means that apart from providing a thorough business background check we have capacity to follow up your very specific questions about staff or other assets of the company under scrutiny. In this context, being professional means having the capacity to think outside the box, as well as efficiency and absolute discretion.



Your business stays your business with ISRA. All our staff work under comprehensive agreements of confidentiality and a contract with us details our responsibility for the integrity of your business and person.