Corporate espionage is a real and increasing threat to innovative businesses. It appears in the form of compromised phone or data transfers but also through key employees, recruited to communicate confidential information. Such attempts are often aimed at acquiring core technologies, information or other means to competitive advantage. ISRA helps you to analyse your company’s vulnerability and implements technical and organizational solutions to protect from illicit gathering of intelligence. In addition, we offer unique support to your in-house work with competitive intelligence.

Security screening of office or home & securing locations

ISRA protects your home, office environment or temporary locations from bugging, eavesdropping and other forms of integrity breaches or corporate espionage. While digital technologies involve new risks to your corporate and private integrity, all of the old threats of acoustic bugging and video surveillance remain. Our corporate clients frequently turn to us to investigate and eliminate the risk of electronic eavesdropping, typically prior to the relocation to new offices or in advance of events in conference facilities.

IT-security & incident response

ISRA boasts the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to assist clients serious about their IT-security preparedness. Beyond swift and effective response to network breaches and other incidents, we help our clients improve their IT-security for the future through consultation and audits. These services include review of existing policy, pentests, vulnerability scanning and physical information security inspections.

Securing intellectual property

Immaterial assets form much of the worth of many businesses. It follows that securing their intellectual property is crucial for businesses to remain competitive or even survive. While this task usually involves attention to IT-security and IT-forensic work, analysis of organizational information flows, access and security policies are equally important in the development of comprehensive intellectual property security strategies.

Competitive intelligence

To monitor your competitor’s business is a natural part of running your own. Our competitive intelligence services help you follow the trails left by your competitor’s corporate manoeuvres to answer questions of particular importance to you business. Some of our clients simply want specific data prior to a crucial strategic decision, while others conduct constant competitive intelligence operations to identify emerging competitive threats. Competitive intelligence usually relies on public (though sometimes unconventional) data. But as experts in the field, we are keenly aware of all existing means for gathering sensitive business intelligence, and always prepared to think outside the box.