ISRA specializes in helping debt collection agencies with collection and recovery of large, uncollected debts for business-to-business, government and private clients.

We have served numerous of debt collectors collect receivables for major banks, loan issuers, and direct lenders as well. We help them with debtors’ assets tracking and their lawful sealing.

Some people can hide away or hide their assets and buy a lot of time of the debt collecting agency. It might even entirely stop the debt collection process. ISRA can help debt collectors to locate a person and notify him/her of lawsuits against him/her with court papers and other required documents. Our task is to find the person who might have escaped the state or the country and identify their hidden assets. Our surveillance and smart intelligence solutions can quickly track them and their assets down. We also make sure s/he gets the papers and sign that s/he has received. This way court or collection process can continue.

We follow a legal procedure to investigate the debtor and seal the assets if he/she is intentionally refusing to pay debts. We work closely with reputed law firms to make sure that nothing hurts the law. Our legal advisors have real-time access to the court of any states and countries. Our established information system tracks the legal procedure and conducts a detailed analysis to achieve procedural efficiency and rapidity.

We can help businesses or individuals, seeking assistance with debt collection, anywhere around the world. Our commitment to honest, efficient and fast services has yielded us a high success rate.

Our Services

For Government Authority

As a smart solution provider of many reputed debt collection agencies, we have a proven history of delivering outstanding results across a wide range of sectors. A dedicated team of surveillance and intelligence personnel, we can control each step of the process, from the beginning of the court proceeding to the final payment of the debt.

Debt Collection For Private Clients

Private clients can directly call us to start a contract. Whether an individual customer is refusing to pay or you have some overdue invoices consuming your time, we are confident to be your ideal debt collection assistant.
We understand that debt collection requirements of business and individual clients vary greatly from those of government bodies. That’s why we organize our services in a particular way that allows us to provide our clients with the level of support that meets their expectations.

Background Investigation

We offer minute-to-minute surveillance and develop an understanding of the debtors. If the debtor is a business, we understand its functionality, its employees, and the ownership. We also check the business size, experience and how the biz is performing its activities. Our investigators perform a background investigation of owners, managers, and employees, whichever feels necessary.
If the debtor is an individual, we gather information about his/her luxuries, house, family, friends and other assets. If we find that the debtor has enough money to pay your debt, our collectors will use this gathered information and develop a strategy to deal with him/her. We can locate the debtors and their assets regardless of their location.

Legal Assistance

Debt collection agencies receive extensive support from our health links with reputed law firms. We offer this additional assistance to our clients with no added charges. These law firms have proven to be the most effective tool in the entire debt collection process.

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