Establishing and maintaining a successful corporation goes beyond supplying a demand. In such a competitive business environment, enterprises need to measure all risks associated with any important decisions or opportunities that may be on the table.

We create due diligence reports that help business leaders make tough decisions and can help differentiate risky ventures from successful investments.

What Are Due Diligence Reports?

Corporations of all sizes are often faced with tough decisions that go beyond what meets the eye. Due diligence reporting is a tool that business leaders use to evaluate all the risks and opportunities that are unique to each case. This allows them to make informed decisions that prove to be profitable in the short and long run, like conducting business with a certain person, partners, or company.

We thoroughly investigate domestic and foreign business records, evaluate legal findings, look at personal relationships, and examine other intricate details that enable companies to enter lucrative agreements without receiving any nasty surprises or negative press. Something all our due diligence reports have in common is that they provide timely and accurate information that is necessary for corporate leaders to call the the right shots.

Due diligence reports should not only provide information, but they should do so in a neutral way that sticks to the facts. Corporations and CEOs can request additional information and specific details that need to be included in the reports without any bias or outside influence.

Business due diligence process

Terms of Engagement
In this stage, the terms of the business due dilligence are decided between the parties and a non-disclosure agreement is signed

Operational Due Dilligence
The operational data and information about the business are measured, gathered and documented. Eg: Cost Structures, Customer Base, etc.

Financial Due Dilligence
The financial statements, data and inforamtion of the business are gathered, validated and documented. Eg: Revenue, Expenses, Profitability, Cash flow, Assets and Liabilities.

Legal Due Dilligence
The legal and regulatory data and information of the business are gathered, validated and documented. Eg: Tax payments, Litigations, Registrations, Intelectual Property

Reporting of Information
The results of the business due-dilligence process is shared to the Buyer and/or Seller. Further queries if any about the business may be raised by the Buyer.

M&A and Transactional Investigations

There are several areas of corporate financing that can benefit from harnessing the power of due diligence reports, like mergers and acquisitions, also known as M&A. Modern enterprises and their C-class executives undergo a lot of pressure and intensified competition, so it’s more important than ever to be aware of the integrity of all financial transactions a company carries out.

Because of this, developing due diligence reports before completing any M&A transactions has become a norm, regardless whether it’s a domestic, regional, or international transactions. We analyze the business partners involved, executive hires, board appointments, and acquisition targets to help identify risky transactions before they are completed.

Likewise, we investigate areas like regulatory violations, bankruptcies, history of civil disputes, FCPA issues, criminal and corruption records to help identify questionable corporate governance and properly assess risk prior to completing the transaction.

Reputation Diligence

Whether it’s to appoint a new executive or considering board candidates, reputation profiling can help companies identify the perfect contender. By discreetly interviewing journalists, competitors, suppliers, former employers, customers, industry insiders, colleagues and even relatives, we can truly determine if the person in question would be a good fit for the position, thanks to the extensive investigation process.

On the other hand, if our due diligence reports reveal any negative pieces of information or conflicting perceptions, company leaders can take the right precautions and prevent the wrong candidates from being appointed.

Corporate Due Diligence

Corporations can undergo a number of internal changes and restructuring. Due diligence, in-depth research, and comprehensive investigations can help support an organization when facing complex corporate disputes. Internal threats such as proxy battles and hostile takeover bids can cause a lot of turmoil, and due diligence reports can be help steer the company in the right direction and away from danger.

In addition to internal struggles, external factors can also have a detrimental effect on the success of a corporation. Similarly to internal power struggles, our due diligence reports can help identify these factors and address them before they have a chance to hinder the enterprise. This can include gathering information on agitators, activist shareholders, and other counterparts that may be threatening the well-being a company.

Market Entry Diligence

Innovative corporations are always finding new market entry opportunities, and our due diligence can help CEOs and business leaders decide whether or not to go into a new market. Moreover, when our due diligence reports are combined with market research, they can help examine potential partners, define who your major competitors are, and analyze all influential factors including social, political and economic challenges. These efforts are all geared towards identifying all possible setbacks in emerging markets and new market opportunities.

Domestic and International Reporting

Large corporations and enterprises operate at a global scale, but diversified markets, competitive environments, and even financial requirements vary tremendously when conducting business in several countries. Foreign due diligence reports require a deep understanding of local languages, customs, and of course, laws. We have a global network of connections, resources, and team members that allow companies to gather all this information swiftly and accurately.

Going Beyond Superficial Data

Due diligence helps corporations identify business relationships that have the biggest chance of being successful. It can be the difference between entering a sound agreement or embarking on a venture that will cost money, not to mention putting your reputation at risk.

Our thorough due diligence reports go beyond superficial information or public records. By gathering actionable data on time, we help business leaders avoid risks and improve their domestic, regional, and international operations.

Putting together a quality due diligence report is about diving deep into a project and focusing on all relevant areas, regardless of how minor these may seem. Although there is a great deal of information readily available on the internet, by conducting our interviews, physical inspections, and data analysis, we can reveal additional details that can make or break an investment.

Discreet and Confidential

Although due diligence reports are a norm across all modern enterprises, carrying out investigations discreetly and confidentially are key to success. All the details we unearth are delivered in a concise, journalistic style that doesn’t compromise the integrity of the information gathered.

We provide a complete picture by rigorously assessing the track record and reputation of the management teams, target companies, and possible partners while comparing them to the industry and geographical standard, allowing corporations to make the right choice.

At ISRA, we implement innovative tools and techniques, which allow us to create due diligence reports that are accurate and concise. Our team of experienced investigators is backed by years of experience and state-of-the-art tools that help them gather specific information that is otherwise extremely difficult to attain.