Employees have access to virtually all business assets and information such as cash, inventory, sensitive data, and raw material. This empowerment entices some of them to cross the limit and harness company’s assets for personal benefits without permission.

Investigation of employee theft requires skilled and experienced fraud investigators. At ISRA, we have handled numerous trivial and serious cases of workplace theft for different business niches. Our corporate employee theft investigators are trained to identify the source of problems in the workplace.

How to Identify Employee Theft?

  • Every company suffers “natural” loss in their production department every year. The natural loss is calculated in percent. If you notice that your loss percentage is continuously going up, you should investigate the cause.
  • If you hire a new team on a shift and discover noticeable losses related to that team, you should investigate why this happens.
  • An employee, who frequently takes work home, continually works overtime, or excessive personal spending out of income support also indicates something wrongful.
  • Unexplained inventory shortages voided sales transactions, and missing documents are clear signs of internal theft.
  • If you observe suspicious employee behavior, you must try to figure out the reason.

Case Study 1

Annual Theft Worth Over 3 Million Euros in a Recycling Company

In our investigations in a recycling company, we caught an employee who managed to smuggle out metal for a worth over 3 million Euros annually for six years. Company managers remained unaware of the theft until the reports showed significant loss percentage. We installed video surveillance and conducted interrogatory sessions to identify the crime originator.

Case Study 2

Big Bakery Employee Theft

We investigated employee theft in a big bakery. The bakery was making a lot of cakes, but not enough money was coming in. From our investigation, we came to know how personnel were selling products, everything from raw material to fresh goods, to other customers and cafeterias.

Case Study 3

Luxury Watches Theft

An employee, in a store selling luxury watches, was caught for stealing luxury products. The person initially declared that customers stole the expensive watches. But our investigation revealed that he stole the watches himself.

Not identifying your real losses might make the local tax office assume you a fraud. As a result, they might charge huge penalty assuming that you’re selling more than what you’ve declared on your income statement. So, pay attention to your financials, inventory, sales reports, office supply and employees to identify workplace theft.

Our Emloyee Theft Investigation Methods

The method of employee theft investigation depends on the nature of theft. We can conduct an overt investigation where all staff employees are aware of investigators’ presence. ISRA can also conduct a covert investigation where investigator’s presence and his/her identity are kept secret.

Secret Video Surveillance
ISRA can perform video surveillance of activities of the suspected employee. Surveillance is the most effective method of detecting unlawful workplace activities, inappropriate staff absenteeism, and improper conduct such as sexual harassment. Primary subjects of surveillance are suspect’s office desk, residential building, and vehicle. Our surveillance operatives use state-of-art digital video cameras for both indoor and outdoor as well as both short and long-term distance surveillance. ISRA provides you with a copy of the video, and high quality still photographs as evidence.

Background Check
Our background and locate investigative solutions allow us to provide information about employee’s background within a few hours. ISRA experts gather information about the suspect’s asset searches, address verification, criminal records, previous employment details, sex offender registries, credit checks, neighborhood canvasses and everything required.

Interviews and Interrogation
If circumstances dictate, we send our investigation unit to speak with employees and determine the problems. Many issues can be easily solved with open or secret interrogatory investigation.

Undercover Operatives
Our private undercover specialists are experienced and highly skilled with a background in intelligence services. They smartly indulge in covert workplace investigations for a variety of business niches.

Computer Forensics Investigation
In case of employee data theft case, we engage a computer forensics expert to identify stolen sensitive digital data of the company. Our forensics experts have the technical credentials, experiences and tools to safely retrieve removed and hidden data on volatile and network devices. If you suspect employee theft in your organization, contact ISRA for a consultation. Through our time-tested theft investigation strategies, we can uncover the truth and save your business before the theft snowballs out of control.