In the world of banking and finance, nothing can be left to chance. In some cases, the ordinary in-house checks of banks and other financial institutions must be supplemented with fieldwork and creative intelligence that give a broader and more accurate picture of the facts at hand. ISRA provides key services that help bankers and traders make decisions based on fact rather than fiction.

Know-your-customer investigations

ISRA provides robust KYC-controls. A typical KYC includes basic identity information checks, name matching against known parties lists, risk assessment and the creation of a profile of expected behaviour.

Due diligence checks

Before signing an agreement, sometimes it is wise to check the track record of your prospective partner, and make discreet inquiries about his or her background, reputation and integrity. ISRA has extensive experience of due diligence checks and provide the assistance you need to separate fact from fiction about your target company or business relation.

Litigation support

In court proceedings you need evidence and solid information, and in negotiations you depend on leverage. ISRA’s litigation support is there to help you get to grips with disputed facts that require detailed and circumstantial investigation, reconstruction and analysis. With a broad competence in intelligence and surveillance and a global presence, ISRA is the ideal partner to handle complex, sensitive, high value and cross border cases.

Assets tracing

ISRA’s private investigators have the skills, resources and network of contacts needed to locate real and intellectual assets, such as real estate and valuables like artworks, antiques and vehicles. Another area where our expert staff might provide valuable support is in the tracing of bank accounts, both offshore and domestic.

Background checks for pre-employment screening

Businesses that don’t perform background checks when contracting new employees are putting themselves at risk. ISRA provides background checks that clarify the things you need to know before recruiting new co-workers. A background check – revealing a criminal history or a fabricated CV – might prove decisive for your evaluation of a candidate, while recruiting the wrong person might not only be costly but also have a negative impact on your organization at large.