ISRA investigates insurance fraud, internal fraud and other types of fraud that affect businesses. Fraud is sometimes the work of a single individual, such as a disgruntled employee, but often involves a network of individuals, working both from positions within and without their target and combining social techniques with digital attacks and acts like straightforward burglary. This makes fraud complex to investigate and requires a wide-ranging investigative competence, including cutting-edge digital capabilities and an international reach.



Investigators of unjustified insurance claims

As a trusted partner of global insurance companies, ISRA investigates suspect insurance claims. Our experienced investigators establish and document the truth in cases of exaggerated injuries or fraud involving property, such as vehicles, houses and valuables. We scan claims and reports for red-flag indicators of fraudulent behaviour, perform investigations on sites of arson, theft or vandalism.


Protect your business against internal fraud

Internal fraud – where one ore several employees siphon resources out of your organization – costs millions to businesses worldwide. Dealing with internal fraud is adelicate undertaking that requires professional attitudes and skills. A large part of the cases of fraud that are detected is in fact never reported, since businesses wish to avoid negative side effects, such as damages to operational capability, unease among the workforce at large and adverse publicity. Quite frequently, the inside perpetrator will not even loose his job. But fraudsters can and should be dealt with, both efficiently and discretely. Contracting ISRA is the easiest way to identify, and discretely investigate and expel the fraudster, without damage to your operations. Because in the long run, public trust and the smooth running of business can only be regained by a decisive response to fraud, preferably through the advice of a private investigations professional such as ISRA.


Digital forensics in investigations of fraud

ISRA provides the competence and state-of-the-art technologies necessary for discreet and efficient digital forensic investigations that help identify fraudsters, trace their activities and associates, and locate their eventual gains. Professional skills in digital forensics are critical to avoid damaging evidence during the investigation, and to document the event.