Insurance is a major business. Not least to fraudsters. This is why insurance professionals request our help to clarify suspect claims and provide accurate documentation. ISRA’s experienced investigators examine personal injury claims and claims involving property, perform background checks and carry out surveillance.

As experts in digital evidence gathering, we provide the state-of the-art technologies and competence necessary to identify and compile compelling proof of irregularities found online and on social media. But we also conduct more sofisticated investigations to prove a certain insurance claim was based on fraud.

Investigators of unjustified personal injury claims

Personal injury should be compensated as fairly as possible. But some types of injuries – such as whiplash or psychological damage – are difficult to assess, and these difficulties are sometimes exploited to make exaggerated claims. ISRA examines suspected cases of exaggerated injuries to establish the truth of a claim. Our methods depend on the case and the claim, but discreet surveillance is often an effective means to reveal the truth, for instance about the extent of a disability.

Investigating claims histories

Fraudsters sometimes claim for injuries that happened before the actual policy came into effect. Exposing the mendacity of such claims requires a broader look at the medical and personal histories of the claimant, including discreet inquiries about incidents and lifestyles at the time before the actual claim.

Fraud involving property

Legal authorities have limited resources to investigate suspicions of fraud, also where inconsistencies and other strong indicators cast doubt on the claimant’s credibility. ISRA investigates fraud involving property, such as vehicles and houses. We scan claims and reports for red-flag indicators of fraudulent behaviour, perform investigations on sites of arson, theft or vandalism.

Background checks

Background checks provide useful personal context to other insurance related investigations. Insights into criminal histories, workplace histories and economic circumstances might prove crucial to your evaluation of a suspect claim, and they often serve as important indicators that a case requires a full investigation. As worldwide providers of intelligence and surveillance, ISRA’s background checks and other services provide the full picture, even if parts of your case concern people and incidents abroad.