Our investigations and operative units cross border every day. We have already successfully operated in over 70 countries worldwide.

ISRA caters for the fact that modern businesses are globalised. Protective security services, investigations of fraud, corporate espionage and personal backgrounds frequently require that we cross national borders. This is why our organization features the global reach, vast network and specific competences required to successfully operate worldwide.


Rapid international deployment

Call our Stockholm office in the morning – by lunch we have boots on the ground in Italy. Or Venezuela! Some cases require that our agents travel to foreign destinations to follow a lead or track persons or goods under surveillance. At other times, it is more helpful and cost effective to rely on local skill and knowledge to further your case. As a global provider of intelligence and security services, we are on standby to help, all the time and everywhere.


Cases that require international deployment

People travel more than before, and economies are more globalised than ever. This means that almost any type of case might have an international dimension. Surveillance operations, tracking of goods or people, legal notifications or investigations of fraud are examples of cases that might require deployment abroad, and risk assessment assignments or VIP private protection services typically involve travel.


Where in the world can we go?

ISRA has the global reach necessary to operate almost anywhere in the world. Exceptions, where we might decline to deploy our agents, are current theatres of war or other locations where the security situation is such that it makes intelligence work impossible or simply too dangerous to make success very likely.