Diligent law firms have investigative needs as complex as their cases, and many turn to ISRA for professional assistance. With comprehensive services – covering anything from the gathering of electronic evidence and digital forensic services to surveillance operations, skip-tracing and deep background checks – ISRA is a one-stop solution for the intelligence support required by your law firm!

Digital forensics & intellectual property law

ISRA provides cutting-edge digital competence to support solicitors and lawyers working with copyright and other intellectual property issues in business areas such as IT, telecom and media. This means that your legal team can focus on legal research and counsel, while ISRA clarifies the digital facts at hand. Since, these days, digital evidence is critical in almost all types of cases, our digital forensic expertise is used also to identify and analyse documents, e-mails and other types of digital information and communication.

Missing people

Looking for a former employee who could clarify suspicions of corporate negligence, or perhaps an heir, or a witness? ISRA’s skilled skip-tracers support your efforts to identify, track and locate any person that you are trying to find. And no matter if your person of interest has gone to Borneo or just to Swedish small town Borlänge – as global providers of corporate intelligence and private investigations we have the international reach and the local contacts needed to look into every corner of the world.

Child custody investigations

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Locate assets

ISRA’s private investigators have the skills, resources and network of contacts needed to locate real and intellectual assets, such as real estate and valuables like artworks, antiques and vehicles. Another area where our expert staff might provide valuable support is in the tracing of bank accounts, both offshore and domestic.

Litigation support services

ISRA’s litigation support is there to help legal professionals and their clients get to grips with disputed facts that require detailed and circumstantial investigation, reconstruction and analysis. With a broad competence in intelligence and surveillance and a global presence, ISRA is the ideal partner to handle complex, sensitive, high value and cross border cases.

Professional private investigations for law firms

It is becoming the norm that law firms and solicitors engage in witness vetting, visit crime scenes and conduct other types of investigative work. Police authorities operate with limited resources, and there is always the risk that circumstances relevant to a client or a case are not as thoroughly explored as might be desired. This is why law firms frequently contract ISRA to execute their investigative needs. We provide surveillance, tracking and other demanding tasks that typically relate to background checks, fraud, cheating, kidnapping, notification of court decisions and different types of international assignments.