Many of the projects ISRA conducts for corporate clients and individuals have legal ramifications, involve pending court cases or litigation. We are hired by law firms and authorities to deal with field investigations, investigations of assets and backgrounds, locating witnesses and witness vetting and interviews. Taken together, this amounts to a vast experience of the legal system, and how it actually works, which we are happy to put in the hands of our clients.



In 9 out of 10 cases the burden of proof is on you – get help to find it!

Most people have little experience of our courts, and scant knowledge about our legal system. Many are surprised and frustrated to find that more often than not, the burden of proof is on them. This means that unless they can present the legal authorities with solid documentation, the culprit goes free while they get no compensation. But gathering solid evidence that holds up in court is no easy task. This is why many clients require our intelligence gathering services, surveillance skills and experience with documentation. An incriminating photo, video or phone record might just tip the scales – and we know how to provide it.