ISRA’s Pilferage investigation services offer a comprehensive approach to combat all aspects of employee-related theft, such as inventory losses, misappropriation of funds and breaches of trust.Theft and fraud in the workplaceresults in significant material loss but also affects the team spirit of the entire workforce – it must be dealt with swiftly, decisively and professionally. ISRA investigates theft in offices or hotels, construction sites, warehouses, workshops or other areas of production.



Professional investigations of pilferage and theft in the workplace

Pilferage or theft investigations conducted in-house are often complex, and they require discreet professionalism to avoid disruption of business operations, adverse publicity and unease among the workforce. ISRA’s investigators are experienced experts, executing the type of well-planned investigation that most efficiently helps you identify the people involved with the theft and prevent its recurrence. We supply the type of documentation that you need if you decide to bring the case to the legal authorities.


Benefits of hiring a third party in workplace investigations

Investigations of theft in the workplace are sensitive. As an unbiased third party, ISRA helps business principals avoid disruptive claims of unfair treatment or inaction, while at the same time building a solid case for taking action.


Our pilferage investigation services

ISRA provides comprehensive services to help combat the wide range of issues commonly involved in theft at the workplace. We help businesses identify weak areas of security, and audit security policies and employee routines. We investigate inventory losses and identify individual perpetrators and actions; if necessary we conduct discreet investigations among employees to obtain evidence. We provide the type of solid documentation that is necessary when bringing the case to the attention of the legal authorities or press charges. We help our clients reduce the risks of further instances of theft or pilferage and build resilience for the future.