With more and more people entering the rental market, landlords and property owners are thriving and demand for rental properties is exceeding supply worldwide. But, finding the right tenants for your home can be difficult. Despite having more applicants to choose from, bad tenants still slip through the radar.

With homeownership rates at an all time low, people are doing anything they can to make money on the side, including breaking their tenancy agreement. When renting your property it is important that you create a tenancy agreement that covers all parties concerned. Failing that, there are quick and easy ways to resolve tenancy issues.

If you’ve approached your tenants honestly, discussed your suspicions, and given them a chance to admit to their wrongdoings, but haven’t achieved the results you wanted, it may be time to call for professional help.

At ISRA, we work with property owners and landlords dealing with bad tenants who are abusing their trust, or worse, destroying their homes. To help them, we deploy the highest standard surveillance techniques to get the proof they need to regain legal ownership of their houses.

You Need Evidence Before Confronting Bad Tenants

You could have suspicions that your tenants are leasing rooms or the entire house against your accord. You may have a gut feeling that your home is not being looked after as specified in the original contract. Unfortunately, these suspicions don’t stem from just anywhere, and all you need is proof to take action.

Are Your Tenants Subletting Your Home?

The best way to find out if you have bad tenants who are breaking their contract and subletting your home is to know is currently living at the property in question. You may not be legally allowed to enter the property without notice and prior consent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your suspicions.

With the right surveillance techniques, you could find out exactly how many people are residing in your property. You could also distinguish whether or not they are the same tenants with which you signed an agreement.

Does Your Property Look Tired and Run Down?

It’s common for property owners to worry about their investment. After all, buying a home is a huge financial decision, and renting it out to complete strangers can be nerve racking. Unfortunately, some bad tenants don’t value your investment as much as you do.

Clearly state in your contract that you expect the house to be up kept to a specific standard. You could also include the fact that you will schedule regular maintenance on the property. If you’ve made these prior arrangements and found that your home is clearly not being looked after, you may be in for a nasty surprise.

Have you Received Concerning Calls From Neighbors?

Do you neighbors call you asking about noise, construction work in the garden, crashing, banging, the smell of paint, dogs barking, or any other unusual activities coming from your home? Find out what is going on before it is too late.

If you don’t feel within your rights to do so, schedule a house inspection so that you can be sure your home is being maintained as agreed upon in the tenancy contract. When it comes to pets, if you have clearly stated that you are renting a pet-friendly home, it may be difficult to prove a breach of contract without factual evidence.

The Consequences of Not Taking Action

Bad tenants can slide through your screening process, it happens. A credit check and a few referrals may not be enough to reveal problems your tenant has caused in the past. Not getting to the bottom of your suspicions could lead to very severe consequences, and you are not the only one at risk of being disturbed.

Common problems you could face as a landlord with bad tenants could be:

  • Refusal to pay rent under false allegations
  • Significant and costly changes to your living arrangements
  • Giving your building or neighborhood a bad reputation
  • Acquiring a bad reputation as a landlord
  • Pest problems from pets residing in the house against your will
  • Vandalism
  • Issues with the security deposit
  • Broken appliances and furnishings
  • Illegal use of the home and purposeful damage

And, that’s just to name a few. You can’t be held responsible for other people’s’ misdemeanors, but you can be responsible for not speaking up when you had the chance. Don’t let your reputation be tainted or your home vandalized by not taking action.

Advanced Surveillance Techniques Could Be the Answer to Your Problem

There is a limit as to how intrusive you can be during your investigation, and if you are bound by a contract, the amount of proof you are able to gather could be minimal. ISRA uses the most advanced surveillance techniques and technology to get the answers you are looking for without breaking any laws.

IT Forensics & Big Data Analysis

There are a number of ways in which a home can be sublet. You may find the tenants with which you have an agreement are leasing out one of the rooms. Alternatively, they may have invited their individual partners to live there, making it a family of four, not two. Lastly, it’s possible that they have moved in somewhere cheaper and are subletting the entire home for a profit.

Either way, proving they are bad tenants can be challenging. As a team, we are able to monitor everything from their movements to their bank transactions and phone calls. With that, we can establish whether or not they are receiving monthly payments that could stem from them subletting your home to unknown individuals.

Traditional Surveillance Methods

You can’t sit outside your property 24/7 in the hope that evidence lands in your lap. Even if your suspicions are correct, the proof you gather would not hold up in court. Private investigators know what to look for when undertaking their surveillance tasks.

Our professionals are able to combine these traditional methods with the latest technology in order to gather concrete evidence that you can then use to regain rightful ownership of your home without breaching your contract.

High-Tech Surveillance Technology

Sometimes seeing someone do something wrong isn’t enough. You need to capture the moment to be able to prove your allegations. At ISRA, we’re proud to say that we not only use the latest technology for every investigation we undertake, but also create our own, in-house.