Information is the key to competitive advantage. But there is a difference between loose bits of information and the comprehensive knowledge and understanding that helps you make informed decisions. Research is the backbone of most ISRA investigations, such as litigation support and business or background checks. But sometimes our clients have particular intelligence needs. ISRA’s professional researchers know where to look and who to consult, and apply professional source critique, analysis, contextualization and interpretation, all to provide a solid ground for your decision-making.



Public or open-source intelligence

Open-source intelligence is intelligence gathered from a wide array of information and sources that are generally available, such as public records on individuals and businesses, online photos, videos and text in social media and traditional media, professional and academic sources, and public data like government reports. With the wealth of data available, open source intelligence work is challenging, both in terms of grading the relevance of information, determining it’s reliability and connecting the dots in a comprehensive analysis that mean more than its parts.


Open-source intelligence, social media forensics and big data

The explosion of online and social media has provided a wealth of both professional and user-generated content. While this material can be used with traditional methods of investigation, exploiting the aggregated potential of this massive source in work with business intelligence requires particular techniques. As a global provider of intelligence and security services, ISRA has the competence and the state-of-the-art technologies required to make substantial use of this big data to further the interests of our clients. But we also to advice on how to avoid that sensitive or potentially hazardous information ends up in the public domain.


Comprehensive intelligence reports

Research is only as good as its sources, and only as useful as the manner in which it is presented. A typical ISRA investigation concludes with a written report, stating the results, distinguishing fact from hearsay, and grading the reliability of eventual findings that are impossible to verify.


Creative competitive intelligence

Gathering intelligence that is normally inaccessible to third parties requires specific competence, absolute discretion and professionalism. ISRA is an internationally leading provider of private investigations and detective services. We have the staff –recruited from military intelligence services, law enforcement, law firms and journalism – and the wide-ranging network of strategic contacts to provide you with information beyond the ordinary. You are welcome to a confidential consultation to discuss your particular needs!