Risk management is part of running and developing business. But when risks involve threats to to operational or personal security, most companies find it prudent to consult experts like ISRA. Threats come in many guises, such as corporate espionage, stalkers, supply chain disruption, network intrusion, fraud or extortion. But risks can be managed by professional vulnerability assessments and improvedsecurity policies. At ISRA, we make it our job to help corporate clients identify their weak spots, respond to threats and build organizational resilience.



Comprehensive risk- and security services

ISRA provides a broad range of intelligence and security services, and the members of our team are handpicked – with backgrounds ranging from military intelligence to telecommunications – to supply the diverse professional capabilities needed to respond to the complex security challenges of modern business. This diversity allows for a global approach to your security issues, with an eye for everything from physical environment to behaviour of personnel and technology. And then we are global in a more literal sense: with wide-ranging international presence, ISRA is there to meet your security needs where you find them.


Vulnerability and threat assessments

ISRA identifies threats against your organization, your employees and your personal safety. The end of professional risk assessment is to help businesses stay operational and help individuals carry on their day-to-day work without worry. This requires a comprehensive approach to identifying and evaluating risk. Our threat assessment services include reviews of employee safety and security policies at client locations, analysis of your company’s travel practices, reviews of physical and psychological barriers at client sites (for instance fencing and security lighting), and review of electronic security systems and IT-security. Our threat assessment services always include detailed reports of our vulnerability findings.


Security screening of office or home & securing locations

ISRA protects your home, office environment or temporary locations from bugging, eavesdropping and other forms of integrity breaches or corporate espionage. While digital technologies involve new risks to your corporate and private integrity, all of the old threats of acoustic bugging and video surveillance remain. Our corporate clients frequently turn to us to investigate and eliminate the risk of electronic eavesdropping, typically prior to the relocation to new offices or in advance of events in conference facilities. The same services are sometimes required for and can be performed in the home settings of executives and individual VIPs.


Travel risk assessment

ISRA provides travel risk assessment for your corporate travel needs. As international intelligence specialists we combine experienced advance planning and real time threats monitoring with local knowledge, which adds invaluable insights on route planning, local language skills, knowledge of customs and contacts with local authorities. Since social media and web has increased the risk of unintended disclosure of executive travel plans, ISRA combines industry standard approaches to travel risk assessment with an exceptional emphasis on online intelligence work. Beyond advising on your temporary travel needs, we provide comprehensive reviews of your company’s executive travel policies and practices.


IT-security & incident response

ISRA boasts the state-of-the-art equipment and expertise to assist clients serious about their IT-security preparedness. Beyond swift and effective response to network breaches and other incidents, we help our clients improve their IT-security for the future through consultation and audits. These services include review of existing policy, pentests, vulnerability scanning and physical information security inspections.


Securing intellectual property

Immaterial assets form much of the worth of many businesses. It follows that securing their intellectual property is crucial for businesses to remain competitive or even survive. While this task usually involves attention to IT-security and IT-forensic work, analysis of organizational information flows, access and security policies are equally important in the development of comprehensive intellectual property security strategies.


Event security analysis

Particular events can be important to your organization, but also challenge your security routines. At ISRA we are experts in risk analysis and risk management, and always there to help you prepare for the unexpected! Our event security consultancy services include situational analysis (which helps you see both the bigger picture of your event and its details in a security perspective), contacts with local resources and authorities, and preparation of contingency plans.