Successful & Discreet Surveillance Requires an Experienced Team and the Right Resources.

ISRA’s professional surveillance services are there to safeguard a company’s assets- and we have the resources and skills to make sure that we do just that. Unfortunately, failed surveillance is often caused by amateur services or so called private detectives who work individually. Aside from alerting the suspect and losing the evidence, this can put a company at risk. We respect a business’s need for secrecy and understand that intellectual property is extremely important therefore we will ensure your surveillance needs are always handled discretely and professionally.

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Evidence Gathered from Surveillance, Documentation and Surveying

A company cannot take legal action on a hunch. We believe companies have the right to know when a member of their team is not adhering to a contract or is committing foul play. ISRA has extensive experience in undertaking discreet surveillance and has the technical resources to produce documentation that separates facts from suspicions.

Businesses commonly require surveillance services when they suspect issues among employees or contractors. Examples of this are: fraud, pilferage or other cases where there is a need for professional documentation of someone’s activity by the means of photography, videography or sound recordings.

When is Surveillance for a Company Necessary?

Different industries hire ISRA for different reasons. Law firms hire ISRA to acquire factual evidence for a court case while other companies do so if they have suspicions that an employee is committing foul play. This means this person could be leaking valuable, secretive information to a competitor or could be claiming unjustified sick leave. ISRA also works with authorities such as social institutions to confirm whether or not people claiming disability compensation are eligible for it. We also provide tailored services for individuals needing surveillance services. For more information visit our Surveillance for Individuals Page.

Technical Surveillance Vs. Physical Surveillance

Technical surveillance uses technology to track and locate a person. This can involve numerous techniques and each case requires specific equipment. Physical surveillance is the act of physically tracking someone. This means, one of our experts would physically track, survey, photograph and document a person’s movements. Both surveillance techniques are efficient methods of tracking a person and these can be tailored to our clients needs.

Our surveillance team is experts and the leading in the field and have at least 10 years of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surveillance Services for Individuals

I have an ongoing child custody case. Should I contact you directly or via my lawyer?

It is completely up to you. Normally, your lawyer would contact us after consulting with you. However, you are fully within your right to contact us directly although, you will need to be very specific about the kind of evidence is required. Working with your lawyer will allow you to build your case while we assist in gathering the evidence that is missing.

Is this service completely legal?

Of course. Surveillance services are completely legal in most countries worldwide. There are a few countries in which surveillance is illegal. Some of these include Iran and North Korea. When contacting ISRA about a case, our advisers will discuss the full details regarding legalities around surveillance services.

Can I spy on my partner if I suspect him/her of cheating on me?

Yes, of course. You have every right to know if your partner is being unfaithful. We have specific teams that investigate infidelity cases and we are able to use several methods to ensure you get the truth. Contact us for more information or visit our “Infidelity Investigations” page here.

How quickly can you start surveillance if the case is in another location or abroad?

Very quickly. In some cases, our surveillance team can start within 30 minutes even if the case is in another location or abroad. We have a large contact network and we can offer you professional services globally as long as the case is not in a country that has been black listed.