ISRA identifies, preserves, recovers and analyses digital evidence in cases of fraud, network intrusion, internet abuse among employees and other IT-related security issues – without harm to your valuable data and without interruption of your business.

Naturally, we are as confident with data recovery and forensics on mobile devices as we are with stationary hard drives or large networks. In the particular cases were foul play can be proved, we provide what you need to take legal action. And in all cases, we test and improve your IT-security to ensure that you stand better prepared for the future.

Digital forensic

Also known as computer forensics or IT-forensics – includes a number of areas related to your IT-security, such as the identification and analysis of evidence gathered from networks and computers. It is a field of investigation where professional skill and quality of equipment make all the difference. ISRA’s digital forensic team has extensive experience from investigations conducted for law firms and global businesses as well as individuals and entrepreneurs targeted by cybercrime.

Specialised equipment and knowledge of forensic standards are necessary to ensure that data is analysed without harm to the information, and in a manner acceptable to the legal authorities. Our technical range includes everything from forensic examination of USB-sticks and smartphones to large-scale network forensics, involving numerous servers and systems connected.

Digital forensic services, and more

ISRA offers all of the IT-forensic services that you are likely to need. But we also provide follow ups to our services, and we perform checks/audits of your network and system – all to make sure that your digital assets stand better prepared and secure for the future. Services commonly provided are:

  • Digital forensic examination of computers ( including all common file formats and operating systems. )
  • Digital forensic examination of networks.
  • Digital forensic examination of cell phones, smartphones, iphones, PDAs and similar mobile devices.
  • Digital forensic examination of SD cards, USB sticks and other devices with flash memory.
  • IT security check/audit
  • Data recovery from intentionally or accidentally damaged media
  • Pentest (penetration testing)
  • Consultation on corporate digital security