ISRA Forensic Lab provides digital recovery, e-discovery and IT-forensic services to businesses and individuals in need of knowledgeable support.

Our services cover all the essentials, from recovery of data from crashed hard drives to complex digital forensic investigations involving large networks and cloud data.

These days, most business information is stored digitally. Whether this data is contained on site, in cloud servers or mobile devices, it can be mined and put to use in investigations – by people who know how. ISRA identifies, accesses, recovers and analyses information in digital form.

With our solid experience of digital forensics we provide accurate, effective and cost efficient investigations. In practice, we support our clients with services that are necessary in IT-dependent business. We find and secure digital evidence, we respond to incidents when our clients are under digital attack, and we help our clients implement the necessary digital and organizational security protocols. And don’t worry, we are just as pleased to step in and recover your valuable data in the event of a common and completely accidental hard drive crash!

When do you need digital forensics?

Legal professionals, businesses and private individuals make use of our digital forensic services. Common cases are:

  • Internet abuse among employees
  • Criminal fraud or deception
  • Unauthorized disclosure of corporate information
  • Damage assessment, i.e. following accident
  • Industrial espionage
Are you under
attack ?

The loss of data can be costly, whether it is caused by accident or by malevolent hackers, or fraudsters who aim to get hold or your immaterial assets. Fortunately swift and professional response can help minimize the losses and damages caused by negative publicity, and allow you to continue operations as normal. ISRA’s incident response plans ultimately depend on the needs of our clients, but usually involve the identification of lost data, tracking the attacker and implementation of a strategy for recovery of lost data. We handle all evidence in accordance with professional forensic standards, to allow for their use in legal action.

Secure your IT-environment!

IT-security is a top priority for all information technology executives. But most businesses don’t have the competence to implement this security preparedness in-house. And those that do know the wisdom of bringing in external expertise to run IT-security audits, penetration tests and similar – everything to make sure that crucial data is secured and no access points are left unguarded. And that’s where we come into play!