Recover deleted Call logs, SMS, Chats,
search history and lots more using state
of the art mobile forensics.

ISRA recovers and restores deleted data such as SMS, chats, call logs and browser histories from iPhones, smartphones, tablets and more. In fact, all of our IT-forensic services take mobile devices into consideration.

The reason is simple: these days, digital forensics is applicable not just to corporate networks, desktop computers and laptops. Android phones like Samsung, Blackberries, iPads and other mobile devices are used for more than personal communication. Increasingly, these portable gadgets are tools for the running of business and handling of personal data without the office.

For professional investigators this means that tablets, iPhones and similar devices can be used as a means of tracking the activities of individuals and groups. Access to the device can provide vital evidence, such as messages sent and chat logs, files that have been accessed through the device, photos taken, web-browser histories – including information about the particular times and places of these actions!

What types of devices
can we access?

The brand or operating system of your device does not matter. We have the expertise to work on Samsung as well as iPhone and Android as well as IOS. And our IT-forensics team have the technical equipment to work with just about any common digital device, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, hard drives, SD-cards, USB-sticks and similar.

What if I don’t have access
to the device?

In some cases, the smart phone or laptop that you would like to check out is out of your hands. Naturally, this makes things more complicates. But we find that if there is a will there is a way, and we have solid experience of dealing with challenges of this kind. Make contact and discuss your particular needs!

What if the data has been
erased or encrypted?

Our experts can localise, restore and retrieve most types of data, even if it has been erased or encrypted. Typically our clients are looking for pictures, video or audio files, chat logs or various types of meta-data created during the use of the device.

What if my mobile device has
crashed and is broken?

We can restore broken hard drives, and usually we can recover your SMS, chats, call logs etc. from broken mobile devices as well.