Businesses that don’t perform background checks when contracting new employees are putting themselves at risk – allowing virtual strangers access to their clients, IT-resources, immaterial assets etc. ISRA provides background checks that clarify the things you need to know before engaging in a business relation or recruit new co-workers to your firm. A background check – revealing a criminal history or a fabricated CV – might prove decisive for your evaluation of a candidate, while recruiting the wrong person might not only be costly but also have a negative impact on your organization at large.


Background checks for private clients

Background checks are not just for businesses. We frequently accept assignments from individual clients intent on preserving their integrity or protecting their loved ones. High-net-worth individuals or people with high public profiles sometimes feel the need to verify that new acquaintances or prospective marital partners are serious and genuine. Another type of client acts in the interest of children or other family members, who might themselves be blind to the flaws and risks associated with their partner.


Background checks abroad

It is particularly challenging to gain a clear understanding of the background and current status of your novel contacts abroad. As a global provider of private intelligence services, ISRA is uniquely qualified to perform professional background checks internationally.

What can I find out?

What do you want to know? A background check might include a variety of relevant information, but commonly we scrutinize the legal and economic status and the family situation and CV of the individual concerned. Given our long experience within the broader field of investigative work, we are however competent to provide deep background checks, clarifying almost anything that you feel the need to know. Our background check services include:

  • Criminal history
  • Education and past work verification
  • Credit checks
  • Deep background checks
  • If a person(s) was involved in any kind of investigations conducted by police or law enforcement agency


Your business stays your business with ISRA. All our staff work under comprehensive agreements of confidentiality and your contract with us details our responsibility for the integrity of your business and person.