Is your partner cheating on you?

Hire our private detectives and find out.

We deliver facts and proof of infidelity, and we do it good. Our combination with technology and surveillance techniques we give you everything you need to know - wherever you are.


We have completed more than thousand infidelity investigations
and we have seen it all.

People are very creative when the lie, and when they managed to do this for a long time ( many time for more than 10-15 years), they get good at it. They lie, and you- as his partner don't see the signs, and you dont see anything abnormal. We seen people boarding a plane without actually beeing on the flight. We've seen cheaters having multiple affairs at once, and we seen cheaters living a double life. The list continues; We see people having totally another activities on that business trip, we seen neighbours having affairs and many other things. All this is buiding up an experience.

Our investigators know the patterns to look for when monitoring suspected cheaters. We know how cheaters hide their tracks, and we know how to catch them red handed. We even know the type of lies they tell their partners. Most important of all we know how to catch them.


Of all infidelity cases we get in turned out to be correct and we can get proof of infidelity.


60% of all cheating affairs begin at work according to our experience/statstics.

2 years

2 years after being together is the average time that your relationship is at risk.


Women cheat 40% and same numbers for men are 40%.

Telltale signs of infidelity

In our experience, the majority of our clients who come to us with infidelity suspicions are not simply insecure. Usually, some type of infidelity has in fact occurred.

Your sex-life have been worse and worse lately.

Your partner is always giving you excuses, as "tired" or don't feel to, or similar.

Your partner suddenly gets "New friends" from nowhere.

If your partner suddenly starts seeing new friends for afterwork or weekends, your should watch out.

Your partner acting strange and crying with no reason.

This is very common behavious if your partner is in love in someone else but is afraid to tell you the bad news.

Your partner doesn't call you like she/he did before.

Changed behavior in communication overall might mean the interest have gone down.

Your partner is always coming home late from work.

The most common time for a man or woman to meet with their significant other is directly after work.

A specific name is always coming up in conversation.

If your partner is always thinking about someone else when they are with you, they’ll probably mention their name repeatedly.

Other signs of infidelity?

Read more about other signs of infidelity


Professional surveillance team to monitor their every move and document everything with video or/and pictures

We use a blend of traditional surveillance methods and modern IT forensic work to uncover the truth. In some situations it may make more sense to have a private investigator simply follow a suspected cheater to find out where he or she goes during a particular time of day or night. However, other situations call for more advanced techniques such as hacking an encrypted device or wiretapping a phone.

Recover deleted information from phones, tablets, computers and other digital devices

ISRA offers a complete forensic lab where we can do wonders with any digital information. Often when working with investigations - especially infidelity investigation - the deleted information on a phone, iPad or computer will most likely to reveal their hidden activities, their contacts, their messages, and everything else that your partner is not telling you about. We strongly recommend you to contact us and discuss the available options for a complete forensic investigation.

Our unique methods cannot be compared with anything else

With our custom made solutions, we make everything easier for our clients. We daily adapt and develop new technologies and opportunities to track and locate people. Know everything about your partners whereabouts and movements and find out if they are lying to you. Read more about the service by visiting the track and locate page, or contact us and we tell you all about it.


Important to get hard evidence before you confront your partner

If you question your partner and they are in fact cheating on you, they will lie. Cheaters use all kinds of manipulative tacticsto hide what they’ve done. Plus, once you’ve confronted a cheater they will become even sneakier and harder to track. If you suspect cheating, the best thing to do is to hire us tocollect the evidence. Only stage the confrontation after youcan prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that your suspicions are correct. Once you have the hard evidence, you’ll have the courtroom advantage if you want to pursue a divorce, or simply if you think it´s time to find out whith whom you are really living with or...

hire a private detective and find out

Money comes and goes,
but your time doesn’t

Once your partner cheats and gets away with it, they don’t usually stop. But how long will it take before you finally realize what’s going on? Don’t waste 10 or even 20 years of your life with a cheater. Give us a call and find out the truth today!

Different types of cheaters

Cheating is more common than you think...

There are many ways to cheat -- and there are many different types of cheaters. Some are content to watch porn. Other cheaters engage in love affairs or use escort websites to arrange visits with prostitutes.

All around the world, it’s becoming easier and easier to have an affair. Sexual behavior that was once taboo is now becoming commonplace. Everything is permitted-- and it’s all readily available to anyone who wants it. Services for adulterers like Victoria Milan and Ashley Madison make it super easy to connect with a man or woman that wants to have an affair. Husbands and wives that sign up on hookup sites sometimes do so out of curiosity. Then, a flattering message appears in their inbox-- and they decide to send a response.

Your partner may begin to seek out extra-marital attention just to see if they “still have it.” The insecurity that comes with getting older can often be temporarily alleviated by a few flirtatious words from a good looking stranger. But our experience has shown us that once a cheater crosses the line, they usually keep on pushing the boundaries. Once adulterers bring themselves to act out, they usually continue to do so again and again. The attention cheaters get when they meet someone new can become addictive.

Sometimes, real life bonds begin to form between the cheater and their secret lover. Their rendezvous often become increasingly frequent. But if your partner is building their illicit meetups into their daily schedule, there’s no way you’ll ever find out the truth on your own.

True stories

True stories

Our experience has shown that infidelity can happen to anyone. Our clients are rich and poor, good looking and unattractive, young and old. What your partner does when you’re not looking says absolutely nothing about who you are or where you live.

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If you question your partner and they are in fact cheating on you, they will lie. Cheaters use all kinds of manipulative tactics to hide what they’ve done. Plus, once you’ve confronted a cheater they will become even sneakier and harder to track. If you suspect cheating, the best thing to do is to hire us to collect the evidence. Only stage the confrontation after you can prove beyond a shadow of the doubt that your suspicions are correct.

Other customized investigations are available for your particular needs

Advanced mobile signal surveillance

Our working methods are unique, and we have the right resolurces to do more advanced investigations.

Any investigation can be conducted Worldwide

With multipe offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, London, New York, Berlin, Oslo, Barcelona, Zagreb and Tel Aviv we can assist you faster than ever.

You tell us your problem and we present you the solution

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We have to point out that is highly recommended that you get professional help when doing an infidelity investigation. Hiring amateurs because they are “cheap” will just complicate things for you even more and you will have more questions than answers in the end.

Hiring ISRA means that you hire professionals who have been in the field for many many years. We know how cheaters lies, we know how they managed to hide their activities - but most of all we know how to catch them. We have the tools, and we have the knowledge.