Most often, when we get involved in a child custody case, we work closely with the lawyer(s) involved. The lawyers build up the case, and we – the private investigators – work as an backend engine providing them support (evidence).

Normally in a juridical case, the police collects evidence and conducts an investigation, and this investigation is then handled over to the prosecutor to run the case in the court.
When it comes to child custody – or other types of cases clients hire us for, we act little bit like the police, we take different measures to collect evidence, for instance complex surveillance, restore deleted data, gather intelligence information, perform a background check or take other measures in order to proof the case, or pass the information directly to you – our clients or their lawyers for further processing.

All lawyers are not “Great” by default

Please note that not all lawyers are great. Make sure that you check the following when you hire a lawyer:

– The lawyer is specialized in child custody cases and have successful track records (history). How to see that varies from different countries; in some countries you can actually call the court and get previous convict’s file sent over to you where a specific lawyer was involved. Otherwise – google for it, or simply ask the lawyer which successful cases he/she was involved in.

– A lawyer who doesn’t have time for you or keep forgetting your case after two weeks is probably a lawyer who has too much work on his desk. The more cases the lawyer has, the less time for your case – so therefore make sure that your lawyer has enough time to study the case and to update himself about case status, new information, and other aspects of your case.
The fact that the lawyers are not fully engaged and do not fight enough or even ask the right questions is something we unfortunately see quite often.

– Choose a lawyer who has time for your case and can focus his or her work on quality and detail rather than counting hours for multiple clients. Talk with the lawyer and tell him or her about your expectations before you hire him or her.

At ISRA we have unique competences in tracking missing, abducted or kidnapped children. We have assisted grieving parents and helped them locate their child and gathered evidence of decisive importance to cases of family law.

Listen, analyze and find the weak points

A trial has started and the defendant keeps telling a lot of things that are simply not true. Let him talk or “overrule”? Well, let’s put it this way – our methods are to create big hole in his story, and to simply prove that this person’s story is full of rubbish. This means that more he or she talks the more can be used against them – especially when we can prove that.
However this is a job for your lawyer and the best thing would be to consult with him or her. Our main idea is to disaprove your opponent – and to show the right picture of him or her to the judge/court. A picture that will benefit you but not your opponent

What more do we investigate in terms of child custody cases?

  • We collect evidence, including photos or videos leaving you with the clear proof
  • We identify the risks related to the kidnapping of a child(ren) thus taking them outside the country without your allowance
  • We help you to track/identify your kid(s) destination in case they go missing and we have an entire teams; everything from surveillance to IT personnel who can conduct advanced tracking
  • Background checks in order to show if target person is convicted to crimes or have been involved in any kind of police investigation. Background check also shows family relations, incomes, previous addresses, cars, real estates, social security numbers and a lot more.
  • Advanced information gathering in any country – (exceptions – read here)
  • Military operations to bring home kids that have been kidnapped and taken to another country (Court order for custody required)

How much does it cost? Who is paying for the service?

Actually in most cases – you as a client are responsible for the cost, if your order doesn’t come straight from the law firm company. Again – as we mentioned above – there are some exceptions when the lawyer may include the cost of “necessary investigation” for which some insurance companies policies may find it acceptable to refund. These kinds of investigations are not cheap, and an average investigation like this could cost anywhere from 5,000 Euros up. We always work per hour, however a certain amount of work is required to reach the goal.

What is considered as a “good” proof of evidence in terms of child custody?

Every case is different, and regulations in each country are different. We therefore need to analyze your specific situation and hear your story. After that we come up with a plan. This applies when we work directly for the client. When we work for lawyers, normally they have a pretty good idea of how to present and form the case.

How to involve ISRA in your ongoing or upcoming case?

To involve ISRA in your case we urge you to talk first to your lawyer and present the idea that you need to hire a private investigator, and what the possibilities are – in some countries there is a possibility that the lawyer can order necessary investigation and include it in his cost. When this cost is included and you have an insurance, you just need to pay a part of the investigation. Please check the regulations for your country/state for the mentioned possibilities.

Most law firms are familiar with co-operating with a private investigation firm such as ISRA, and they have absolutely nothing against it. After all, we are here to provide additional HELP to the lawyer, but certainly not to influence direction of his or her work. Our aim is to collaborate; with you and with your attorneys and help you to build up a solid case.
Remember – you can always hire us without involving your lawyer. This is just our recommendation so we can coordinate our forces together and reach even better result. You can contact your closest ISRA office and discuss your case.

Do you suspect that your partner’s intend is to take children outside the country or hide them away from you? Contact us immediately!

Unfortunately we handle a lot of cases where one of the parents is “kidnapping” the child and hide him or her away from the other parent in order to prevent other parent to find them or contact them. In some cases, one of the parents has also managed to take the kids with them to another country in order to raise them in different culture. We have measures to prevent this, and we urge you to contact us so we can tell you more. For various reasons, we are not able to write everything online, but when you call us, and explain your case we will present very good alternatives which will spare you a lot of headache, time and money.

If the worst already happened, and your child is being held by the other parent at unknown location, we are still able to help you locating them. To do this, we need to know that you have all your paperwork in place and that you have a legal right to see your kids/wife/ex partner.

What do we need to know from you?

We are not the court, and you don’t have to convince us anything. We simply need to know certain information from you and focus on our work. It is not idea that you to call us and speak about how much a person “lies” or other detailed information. We want to keep our focus on the investigation itself – and help you in regards to this matter. Keep it simple:

  • What is the issue that you need help with? Surveillance? Background check, other type of intelligence?
  • Which countries or areas are involved in this investigation? Are the parents living in different countries? Important information you need to be clear with.
  • Do you have a lawyer or have you just consulted one in this case?
  • We rather prefer to talk directly to the person and his or her concerns, so please contact us directly and not via your friend or relatives.
  • In case you need to find hidden or kidnapped child or children – remember that we need to make sure that you have the right to be with those kids, and we will carefully check that you are not having a restriction to contact them should you for example mistreated them or similar.
  • Please do not contact us if you are under influence of drugs, alcohol or anything that might make it difficult for us to receive or to receive information your end.
  • We want to make it very clear, that this service is not for free, and you need to have financial stability to order our service. (We do not recommend anyone hiring us if their financial situation is in question).
  • We want to inform you that a reasonable investigation starts from 1300 Euros + VAT (25%).
  • We do not recommend that you talk to us or email us in case other people are around you. Any information should only be kept between us and your lawyer. If you include other parties into our investigation you might jeopardize it.
  • We offer consultation over the phone or email for FREE of charge for 20 min during our working hours. Make sure you give us vital, important information during this time. Other type of consultation, or meeting will be charged at 150 Euros/hour + VAT.
  • When you contact us, make sure that you are free to talk, and there are no kids, sounds or other disturbances around, since the discussed matter may be of great importance.