Anyone affected by stalking can testify to the intense feelings of discomfort that come with systematic unwanted attention and pursuit. But stalking does not have to manifest in terms of physical pursuit to create uncomfortable feelings of pressure and anxiety in its victims. Constant and unsolicited emails, SMS-messages or phone calls can make the day-to-day life of stalking victims unbearable. At ISRA, we have extensive experience of working with people affected by stalking and high rates of success in putting an end to the problem.



Are you a victim of stalking?

Most victims of stalking are women, but sometimes also men fall prey to repeated, unsolicited attention. Currently, many victims and support groups feel that the legislation needed to curb stalking is inadequate and that the police lack resources to help those who are affected. Since this is the case, ISRA’s services might be a good way to put an end to your particular case of stalking, and – if desired – bring it to the attention of the legal authorities.


What is a stalker?

A stalker pursues his victim, physically or by other means of communication. In some cases, the stalker is driven by an obsessive need to pursue his victim, but in other cases the stalker is an earlier husband or boyfriend or girlfriend intent on renewing contact or intentionally causing fear and discomfort. Occasionally the victim is a person with a high public profile, but many times the victim is unknown and also without any previous contact with the stalker.


How do you identify and catch a stalker?

If the identity of the stalker is unknown, the main focus of a stalking investigation is to positively identify the perpetrator and document the unsolicited attention by means of video, audio or preservation of chat logs, messages etc. If the perpetrator physically stalks his victim, some kind of surveillance might be required. In other cases, the stalker might be identified by digital forensics, pinpointing his IP-address or similar. Normally, the stalking activities end when the perpetrator is identified and confronted. In serious cases the assembled documentation is prepared to serve as the basis of a report to the legal authorities.


Discretion and confidentiality

We know that stalking can be disruptive to your private life and cause serious anxiety. This is why we conduct our investigations of stalking discretely, to help you continue your day-to-day life as usual. To further protect your integrity, we always work under conditions of confidentiality and nondisclosure.