ISRA provides comprehensive security for private clients and individuals, including risk assessments, physical protection, technical surveillance countermeasures, IT-security, home security sweeps and consultancy and investigations of stalking.



Who needs physical protection?

The needs and circumstances that compel individuals to request our private security services differ, but we commonly accept assignments from executives and high net-worth individuals particularly exposed to risk. Another client category consists of individuals affected by stalking or other crimes, where the legal authorities might not provide the necessary security support. In each case, ISRA is there to listen, advice and provide for your particular security needs.


Personalised risk assessment

Are you or your employees at risk? At ISRA, we tailor our risk assessments to improve the safety for key individuals and their families and employees. We help you analyse the risks appurtenant to your personal situation, such as threats related to your work, your routines in handling personal information and your habits of travel. We can also assess the level of security of your home.


Security sweeps of home, work and vehicles

Corporate and private clients frequently turn to ISRA to investigate and eliminate the risk of electronic eavesdropping, typically prior to board meetings, events in public places or conference facilities or in the event of relocation to new offices. The same services are needed and performed in the home environments of our individual private clients. We also perform electronic bug and tracking device detection on cars and other vehicles.


Physical protection

The best protection anticipates threats before they take place, and our private protection services depend on intelligence work, security sweeps of homes and offices and liaison with local authorities. But circumstances sometimes require the presence of one of our security professionals. We are there, when and where you need us, for corporate events, on travel, or simply at hand to ensure the privacy of a business lunch or dinner with loved ones.


Executive drivers

Travel sometimes involves potential of risk, and for some of our clients travel by public transport, taxi or private car is inexpedient. ISRA’s private security services include specialised executive drivers and cars, taking you safely to your destination and home again.