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Evidence or Your Own Personal Knowledge?

Individuals hire ISRA for any circumstance where surveillance is needed to shine a light on a situation. Some of the most common reasons for private investigations for individuals are: suspicions of an unfaithful partner and parents wanting to know more about what their children do in their spare time. People who believe their partner is cheating or, are worried about whether or not their child is lying about their after school activities often hire ISRA to shed light on the situation and get the facts straight before any confrontation occurs.

We also provide tailored services for companies who are suspicion of a member of their team. For more information visit our Surveillance for Companies Page

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Our Unique Surveillance Techniques
are Discreet and Efficient

People often think that surveillance is a person who follows others taking pictures on them. Our surveillance methods are unique and we always prepare each case with a minimum of three investigators to ensure quality services. We are one of the top ranked teams in the world and our clients come to us for serious surveillance services. Our services are adapted to each case and depend on the person that is being investigated. We adapt quickly to each situation and always have full control of the situation in order to document everything so that our clients have the proof they need.

Working with surveillance means you need resources. We have access to aerial, ground and water borne surveillance. Our technology is unique and our team knows there is no room for mistakes or failure. Our professionals always know the right procedures to take and have the adequate experience to undertake each case correctly.

Providing Tailored Surveillance Services to Individuals

ISRA’s professional surveillance services are are tailored to meet each individuals needs- and we have the resources and skills to make sure that we do just that. Unfortunately, failed surveillance is often caused by amateur services or so called private detectives who work individually. Aside from alerting the suspect and losing the evidence, this can put a person's personal relationships at risk. We respect an individual's private life therefore we will ensure your surveillance needs are always handled professionally with a level of compassion.

Technical Surveillance Vs. Physical Surveillance

People often wonder what the difference is between technical and physical surveillance. The answer is simple: technology. Technical surveillance uses the latest cutting-edge technology to track and locate a person. This can involve numerous techniques such as: GPS technology, the use of CCTV cameras, hard wired audio monitoring or computer and data monitoring among others. On the other hand, physical surveillance is the act of physically tracking someone. This means, one of our experts would physically track, survey, photograph and document a person’s movements. Both surveillance techniques are efficient methods of tracking a person and these techniques can be tailored to each of our clients needs.

Physical Surveillance

Technecal Surveillance

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Our surveillance team is experts and the leading in the field and have at least 10 years of experience.

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Hidden Surveillance

When needed, ISRA provides state-of-the-art technology. Our skilled technical crew carry out tailored advanced implementations, making sure that cameras and audio recording devices are practically impossible to detect. Hidden surveillance technologies have a range of features and capabilities and can be used for a variety of cases. Our cases are undertaken with the upmost discretion and each one is tailored to our clients needs.

Providing Legal and Admissible Evidence
That Can Be Used in a Court of Law

There are a number of benefits to hiring a private investigator (PI). Aside from the fact that private investigators have an extra level of anonymity, they also boast a mound of professional experience in the field. The best part about hiring a private investigator is that the evidence is admissible in court if gathered in a way that does not break the law. Any information that a PI gathers in a public area without eavesdropping is perfectly legal and can help back up your case. All information gathered by ISRA private investigators is undertaken within the law and is fully admissible in court. We will always ensure that the information we give you is gathered with best practices in mind and can be used to backup your case.

Frequently Asked Questions About
Surveillance Services for Individuals

I have an ongoing child custody case.
Should I contact you directly or via my lawyer?

It is completely up to you. Normally, your lawyer would contact us after consulting with you. However, you are fully within your right to contact us directly although, you will need to be very specific about the kind of evidence is required. Working with your lawyer will allow you to build your case while we assist in gathering the evidence that is missing.

Is this service completely legal?

Of course. Surveillance services are completely legal in most countries worldwide. There are a few countries in which surveillance is illegal. Some of these include Iran and North Korea. When contacting ISRA about a case, our advisers will discuss the full details regarding legalities around surveillance services.

Can I spy on my partner if I suspect him/her of cheating on me?

Yes, of course. You have every right to know if your partner is being unfaithful. We have specific teams that investigate infidelity cases and we are able to use several methods to ensure you get the truth. Contact us for more information or visit our “Infidelity Investigations” page here.

How quickly can you start surveillance if the case is in another location or abroad?

Very quickly. In some cases, our surveillance team can start within 30 minutes even if the case is in another location or abroad. We have a large contact network and we can offer you professional services globally as long as the case is not in a country that has been black listed.

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With offices in Abu Dhabi, Nicosia, London, Berlin, Tel Aviv, ISRA has outstanding resources to deal with complex cases where there is an international dimension. Stockholm or Ecuador - our staff is at hand wherever you need it.

Only professionals

Our clients are selective about whom they hire to deal with their business. And we are just as picky about who gets to work for us. ISRA's investigators are handpicked from strategically useful backgrounds, have unique training and solid investigative experience.

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Some problems can't wait. And when they arise, swift and decisive reaction is necessary to retain confidence in your organization. That's why we take action the very day are hired - wherever you need us, worldwide.