Security Consultants & Security Advisors

Successful businesses and individuals are more exposed to security threats. Perils to operational or personal security come in many guises, such as corporate espionage, stalkers, supply chain disruption, network intrusion, fraud or extortion. But then there’s the good news: risk can be managed and greatly reduced by professional vulnerability assessments and improved security policies. At ISRA, we make it our job to help corporate and individual clients identify their weak spots, respond to threats and build organizational and personal resilience for the future.

ISRA provides a broad range of intelligence and security services, and the members of our team are handpicked – with backgrounds ranging from military intelligence to telecommunications – to supply the diverse professional capabilities needed to respond to the complex security challenges of modern business. This diversity allows for a global approach to your security issues, with an eye for everything from physical environment to behaviour of personnel and technology. And then we are global in a more literal sense: with wide-ranging international presence, ISRA is there to meet your security needs where you find them.

Vulnerability and threat assessments
Security designs for improved security of your buildings and infrastructure
Security screening of office or home & securing locations
Travel risk assessment
IT-security & incident response
Securing intellectual property
Embassy services
Event security consultants